SCHA Meeting Minutes 12/16/2021

South Central Hackney Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes via Zoom on Thursday, December 16, 2021 at 7 p.m. EST

Directors in attendance.   Colleen Bray, Joe Jenkins, Mike Denham (departed at 08:41), Laura Schmidt (departed at 09:10)

Members in attendance.   Roger Sims, Maryann Madden

Call to Order.    Joe Jenkins, president, called the meeting to order at 7:04 p.m.

Approval of Minutes.  Minutes provided via email of 01/24/2021 and are posted on web site.  Motion made to accept the minutes made by Mike Denham and seconded by Colleen Bray.  Motion carried.

Approval of the Treasurer’s Report.  Treasurer’s report provided via email and will be available on website.  Expenditures were $481 for futurity payouts.  Association total currently $3981.27 as of 11/23/2021.  CD will mature again 12/23/2022 and currently is at $7044.18.  Motion made to accept the treasurer’s report by Joe Jenkins and seconded by Mike Denham.  Motion carried.  Fund raising is needed.  Directors’ liability insurance paid through June 2022.  Cost is $910.

Old Business

Banquet:  Decision was made not to hold a banquet in 2022 due to Covid concerns and cost concerns for the association.  Joe Jenkins made a motion not to have a banquet in 2022 and Roger Sims seconded.  Motion passed.

Year end awards:  2020 awards and 2021 awards need to be sent out.  No decision was made definitively as to what will be given.  Leaning toward gift certificates and certificate.  Final decision to be made at February/March meeting.

From 01/24/2021 minutes:  Decision was made to award champion high point winners a certificate and gift certificate to a local tack shop of $50 and to reserve high point winners a certificate and gift certificate for $30.   Motion made by Colleen Bray, seconded by Mike Denham.  Motion carried.

Shows:  Shows/memberships  8 shows carried over from 2020.  11 shows paid for 2021.  25 individual memberships, 14 family,4 unknown.    Discussion ensued about how to attract more members and shows.  It was felt that last year a lot of shows were hesitate to commit due to Covid as well as many were cost cutting.  Ideas included having members at shows, setting up a booth.  It was felt that if people do not have a pony to show, they will not join and others wait until closer to show time to join.   It was also decided to keep the cost of membership for people and shows the same; $15 individual, $20 family, $30 shows.   This will be revisited at February/March meeting. 

Website:  Cost for website hosting is $131.76 for one year.  Hosting expires 12/29/2021.   Domains expire 01/31/2023.  It was felt it was important to have a website for the organization to disseminate information.  Online payments were discussed.  Mike Denham brought up the point about increasing fraud with online payments and the fact that we are a small organization.  Decision was made to postpone this for the foreseeable future.  Colleen Bray brought up the idea to just pay for 6 months of hosting and revisit this at meeting in February/March.  Some discussion was had regarding other hosting sites.  Ultimately it was decided to renew the website hosting with Go Daddy for one year. 

KBIF:  Association applied for designation letter for tax exempt status.  Funds combining 2020 and 2021 confirmed to be paid in 2022. 

Application now is for 3-year period, 2022, 2023, 2024.  Application written as in the past.  Application approval anticipated in late February 2022.   Checks and balances are in place to insure integrity including report of entries to the KBIF.

South Central Hackney Association is unique in that it is the only hackney organization that can offer the KBIF incentive according to Kentucky state statute.  This needs to be promoted more in an effort to increase futurity participation so as not to lose this designation. 

Futurity:  Extensive discussion was held regarding the futurity.  Alexandria did not contribute to the futurity this year as it had in the past.   In the past they had contributed $1500 to futurity and $250 to junior road pony championship.  Joe Jenkins will verify with Doug Carmack about continuing to have futurity at Alexandria.   Roger Sims brought up the point why stay at Alexandria if there is no money?   Other sites discussed included Mercer County Fair, Lawrenceburg.  Mike Denham brought up the concern that it would difficult to find another place to host the futurity with only 10 ponies.  Ideas were discussed about increasing futurity participation including reaching out to prior participants.  It was felt a factor in the loss of participants was Alexandria’s close proximity to the Indianapolis All American Classic which hosts national futurity and Limited Breeders Classes.  This discussion will be tabled until the February/March meeting after knowledge of approval of KBIF for 2023, 2023 and 2025. 

Rose Parade:  Roger Sims informed us about the Hackney Foundation has continued with plans for hackney participation now in the 2023 Rose Parade.   The Foundation may help override some of the costs.   15 people have expressed interest to Roger Sims about this.  He will keep the membership informed about this.

Corporate sponsorship:  Roger Sims brought up the idea of obtaining corporate sponsorship for the futurity.  Colleen Bray will draft a letter when tax designation letter is available to present to businesses in an attempt to obtain sponsorship so they know it would be a tax deduction.  SCHA is a tax exempt organization already, but a tax designation letter is needed from the IRS to state such. 

Officers/directors:  Lack of volunteers is a problem.  More members need to volunteer.  It was decided to have membership checks for people and shows come to Maryann Madden to prevent communication problems.  She will then take the checks for deposit down to Bank of Maysville.  This was decided by the executive committee.

Congratulations to Roger Sims for his lifetime achievement award through the AHHS.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:22 p.m.  Since we lost the quorum, no motion was made.

Respectively submitted,

Maryann Madden, Secretary


South Central Hackney Association, Inc.
Treasurer’s Report
December 15, 2021
  Checking Account Balance 10/26/2021  $4,462.11
Interest on checking$0.16
Total Income$4,462.27
Check #1649 McMackin$120.00
Check #1688 Warner$207.00  
Check #1689 Griesinger$154.00  
Total Expenses   $481.00
    Checking Account Balance 11/23/2021    $3,981.27
  Certificate of Deposit  $7,044.18
  *Certificate of Deposit Matures 12/23/2022