SCHA Meeting Minutes 01/24/2021

South Central Hackney Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes  via Zoom  on Sunday, January 24, 2021

Directors in attendance.   Colleen Bray, Joe Jenkins, Mike Denham

Members in attendance.   Roger Sims, Maryann Madden

Call to Order.    Joe Jenkins, president, called the meeting to order at 2:09 p.m.

Approval of Minutes.  Minutes provided via email of 07/06/2020 and 07/26/2020 meetings and are posted on web site.  Motion made to accept the minutes made by Colleen Bray and seconded by Roger Sims.  Motion carried.

Approval of the Treasurer’s Report.  Treasurer’s report provided orally and will be available on website.  Expenditures were insurance $910, web hosting $150, giving the association at total of $4542.61 as of 12/23/2020.  CD will mature again 09/23/2021 and currently is at $7036.92.  Motion made to accept the treasurer’s report by Maryann Madden  and seconded by Joe Jenkins.  Motion carried.

Old Business

High points:   We had a member participate in an amateur/owner/trained class at Mercer County Fair.  Question was whether to count this class towards high point awards.  Mike Denham made a motion to include this class for 2020.  Joe Jenkins seconded motion.  Motion passed.  

Moving forward, Mike Denham made a motion to add amateur road pony high point and amateur/owner/trainer high point awards for 2021.  Colleen Bray seconded.  Motion passed.  

Decision was also made to keep the 48” and 52” road pony classes separate and to keep cobtail and harness division points combined open and amateur classes.

Currently, points are only awarded through 4th place (10-7-5-3).  Motion was made by Mike Denham to give points for all places in classes.  Joe Jenkins seconded.  Motion carried.

Motion was made by Joe Jenkins to accept the high point tabulations for 2020.  Roger Sims seconded.  Motion carried.

Decision was made to award champion high point winners a certificate and gift certificate to a local tack shop of $50 and to reserve high point winnerss a certificate and gift certificate for $30.   Motion made by Colleen Bray, seconded by Mike Denham.  Motion carried.

Decision was made to cancel the banquet for 2021.  Perhaps have an expanded meeting at Alexandria if COVID situation improves.


An idea was presented to have a suitability class instead like at the Limited Breeders Sweepstakes with all ponies showing to a 2-wheeled vehicle. 

Motion was made by Colleen Bray to combine the 3-year-olds from 2021 and the former 3-year-olds from 2020 (now 4-year-olds) into the usual classes for Road Pony, Pleasure Pony, Hackney/Harness pony.  Motion seconded by Mike Denham. 

Ponies already nominated from 2020 futurity will be automatically nominated for 2021 and fees carried over.  No additional fees will be assessed.  Motion made by Joe Jenkins, seconded by Roger Sims.  Motion carried. 

The KBIF incentive from 2020 will be rolled over to 2021.  Exact amount will be known in February.  This incentive will be paid in March 2022.

There are also 16 futurity sponsorships rolled over from 2020.


Roger brought up the concern that the UPHA is changing the qualifications for the UPHA hackney pleasure classic classes to a park pleasure class. 


Mike Denham expressed concern about the smaller shows not having guidelines for COVID-19 protocols and suggested SCHA formulate guidelines for a COVID-19 protocol.  Colleen Bray suggested we include a copy of the protocols to member shows when soliciting show membership.  Colleen Bray will get input from Kentucky and Ohio guidelines to formulate protocol guidelines in dealing with COVID-19 at shows.


Colleen Bray brought up about a letter from other horse organizations going to the Kentucky legislators concerning the banning of historical racing games as ruled by the Kentucky supreme court.  It was suggested we add SCHA to the list of horse organizations on the letter.  The board decided 3 to 2 against adding SCHA to the list on the letter to go to the legislators.   Members were encouraged to contact their legislators individually to voice their concerns.


Idea was expressed to contact shows in Winfield, West Virginia, Indiana and even Tennessee shows about show membership in SCHA. 

Also to include an opinion poll in with membership mailing asking members input about various topics including 2022 banquet, etc.

Ohio members and shows may be more receptive to membership now that amateur driving challenge has ended.


Roger Sims informed us about the Hackney Foundation plans for hackney participation in the 2022 Rose Parade.  The Foundation may help override some of the costs.   15 people have expressed interest to Roger Sims about this.  He will keep the membership informed about this and news will be posted on the website.

Motion made to adjourn meeting by Joe Jenkins and seconded by Roger Sims.  Motion carried.  Meeting was adjourned at 4:06 p.m.

Respectively submitted

Maryann Madden