SCHA 2020 High Point Standings

We only had 5 shows this year counting toward high points.  This NOT official.  The driver and owner MUST be SCHA members.

Mrs. Joffe:  10 points

Harness Pony:
1.  Starlette:  10 points
2.  Freschetta:  5 points

Pleasure Pony:
1.  Cool Hand Luke:  13 points
2.  My Word of Honor:  10 points

Juvenile Road Pony:
Heartland Out and About:  13 points

52″ Road Pony:  Pending

No 48″ road ponies.  No road ponies under saddle.

SCHA Meeting Minutes 07/05/2020

South Central Hackney Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes


Sunday, July 5, 2020

Directors in attendance.   Colleen Bray, Joe Jenkins, Mike Denham, Miranda Chaplin, Norman Bray

Members in attendance.   Jim Davis, Roger Sims

Others:  Maryann Madden

Call to Order.    Joe Jenkins, president, called the meeting to order at 2:03 p.m.

Approval of Minutes.  Minutes provided via email.  Motion made to accept the minutes made by Joe Jenkins, Mike Denham seconded.  Motion carried.

Approval of the Treasurer’s Report.  Treasurer’s report provided via email.  Motion made to accept the treasurer’s report by Miranda Chaplin, Joe Jenkins seconded.  Motion carried.

Old Business

List of membership shows provided.  It has been difficult to formulate membership show list due to cancellations and uncertainly due to COVID-19.   Tollesboro not cancelled, will be held 07/17/2020 with juvenile RP, junior RP, 52” and under road pony, amateur road pony.  Question of date of Lewisburg-Millcreek show 09/20/2020 or 09/26/2020.  Mike Denham will contact Mike Merrill and confirm.  Brown Co Fair will make decision in August about whether to hold fair and horse show.  Louisville Ky State Fair will make decision on whether to separate fair and horse show.  Will contact other shows about membership. 

KHBIF:  Roger Sims brought up question about KHBIF incentive and getting more people to show due to that.  Joe Jenkins brought up it was hard to market not knowing what amount would be.  Roger Sims brought up could base it on what was won in the past.  Miranda Chaplin brought up the fact that not all members are invested in showing in the futurity.  Colleen and Norman Bray reported that KHBIF is being lenient this year.  SCHA report is due at the end of July 2020.  The amount of KHBIF incentive not known until 09/30/2020.

Membership:  Roger Sims asked how members SCHA had.  Maryann Madden counted roughly 55, which did not include family members of family memberships.  Colleen Bray added there were 2 new juvenile members and 2 new individual members.

New Business

Futurity:  Lengthy discussion ensued about futurity.  Alexandria Fair is still scheduled as of today, 07/05/2020.  Discussion was held whether to hold the futurity if Alexandria is canceled or to move futurity.  Doug Carmack will contact Joe Jenkins concerning cancellation of Alexandria.

Jim Davis brought up the fact that we could still have the futurity if Alexandria canceled, but would have to pay for lease of fairgrounds, furnish insurance and adhere to COVID-19 restrictions.  Colleen Bray shared that the directors have liability insurance of 1 million which costs $900 every 3 years, but there is no plan and if we hold futurity without Alexandria Fair’s plan, SCHA will have to have an insurance plan.

Joe Jenkins asked for futurity information and Colleen Bray will send.  Only 2 studs have been nominated so far.  Roger Sims asked about the money from Alexandria for the futurity.  Colleen Bray stated the money came in after the show after invoicing.

Motion was made by Mike Denham to cancel futurity if Alexandria is canceled and formulate a plan to accommodate this year’s futurity entrants.   Miranda Chaplin seconded the motion.  Lengthy discussion ensued.  Ultimately motion was made by Joe Jenkins to table discussion on whether to cancel futurity or not until a later date when more information is available.  Roger Sims seconded.  Motion carried.

Junior Road Pony:  Discussion about qualifying for junior road pony championship, to open it up and not have qualifying, at least for this year, due to abbreviated show season and lack of qualifying shows.  Joe Jenkins made a motion to not have qualifying for the junior road pony championship and open it up to all member junior road ponies.  Mike Denham seconded the motion.  Motion carried.

Year end awards:  Colleen Bray will send information to Maryann Madden concerning year end/high point awards.  Driver and owner must be member of SCHA.

Banquet:  Miranda Chaplin brought up concern about whether SCHA will be able to hold in-person banquet next year.  Discussion tabled.

Motion made to adjourn meeting by Joe Jenkins and seconded by Miranda Chaplin.  Motion carried.  Meeting was adjourned at 2:50 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Maryann Madden

SCHA Meeting Minutes 07/26/2020

South Central Hackney Association

Board of Directors Emergency Meeting Minutes


Sunday, July 26, 2020

Directors in attendance.   Colleen Bray, Joe Jenkins, Miranda Chaplin

Members in attendance.   Roger Sims, Maryann Madden

Call to Order.    Joe Jenkins, president, called the meeting to order at 3:05 p.m.

Emergency meeting called to discuss futurity since Alexandria Fair canceled.

Four yearlings, two 2-year-olds and three 3-year-olds nominated.  There has been never been a hard cutoff date for nominations.  Nominations accepted up to Monday before futurity.  Could resend packets with updated info.  No mares nominated.  2 studs.

Submit request to KBIH to hold allocations for 2020 and to 2021 if futurity canceled altogether.  Colleen to have discussion with KBIH officials on Monday, 07/27/2020.

Miranda brought up the fact of safety of members and liability for association of utmost concern.  Organization could not afford to host show on its own.

Could add 4-year-old class or even 4/5-year-old class for next year to accommodate current 3-year-olds nominated and it was discussed that fees could be waived/rolled over for 3-year-olds.   Alexandria willing to add 4-year-old class to afternoon schedule.  Could be permanent addition.  It was brought up that a 4/5-year-old class would be more beneficial to members.  Combining fillies and colts for in-hand classes in future brought up.

There was possibility of moving to another show, but hard to know if shows will cancel.  Could go out of state.   Need to have show willing to accept us and be member show.  Brown Co Fair, Springfield Spooktacular brought up as possibilities.

Miranda Chaplin made motion to postpone futurity until 2021 and add 4-year-old classes to accommodate 2020 three-year-old nominations.  Maryann Madden second.  Discussion ensued.  Felt this was the only option moving forward with the information we have at this time.  Motion passed.

Joe Jenkins made motion to call another meeting in 30 days to see what situation is at that time and if anything had changed as far as moving to another show.  Maryann seconded.   Motion passed.

Motion made to adjourn meeting by Colleen Bray.  Joe Jenkins seconded.  Meeting adjourned at 3:43 p.m.

Respectively submitted,

Maryann Madden

SCHA Futurity Sponsors

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